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Horn Point Meridian Facial Massage Treatment


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I have always been convinced that a fit body and a beautiful face is the desire of everyone. The original purpose of the establishment of Perfection TCM Wellness, is to put together the cumulative wisdom of 5,000 years of traditional Chinese medicine and modern proven technology slimming and beauty treatments to create a complete system that is able to bring you the best benefits making sure you will always look your best. 


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Perfection TCM Wellness, your one-stop total wellness center. Here we created a system that combines modern cosmetic science and technology with traditional Chinese medicine to help enhance the well being of our clients making sure they enjoy the best of both worlds. We eagerly sought the latest trend of technology , providing customers with world-class leading technology , equipment and top quality products and services.




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Our belief is that by putting together a strong team, including professional slimming consultant, registered Chinese medicine practitioners and beauticians altogether to provide a tailor-made slimming and  total wellness program to our customers to achieve the ideal body type and skin wellness. Perfection TCM Wellness has always encourage natural slimming treatment through natural , health care products and a balanced diet , so that customers regain health, beauty and self-confidence.



Our Difference are Results.”





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Our practitioners are all registered practitioners under the Singapore Ministry of Health. All herbal medication prescribed adheres to strict rules and regulations set by the local authorities in Singapore. Using the knowledge of the Tradition Chinese Medicine and modern technology to ensure you enjoy the greatest benefit.


Rose Enzyme Treatment

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